Join us for the virtual 2022 NCEAS Annual Conference on February 28th- March 2nd!

The National Collaborative for Education to Address the Social Determinants of Health Annual Conference is a collaborative forum where educators, students, and leaders can come together to share their work on social determinants of health. To learn more about NCEAS click here

The COVID-19 pandemic and systematic racism continue to dramatically impact our society. The theme of the 2022 NCEAS Annual Conference focuses on fostering wellness at this moment in history- for patients, communities, students, health professionals, and educators. Below are just a few of the topics we plan to discuss and highlight during the 2022 conference:

  • Social and economic needs
  • Loss and coping through COVID-19
  • Social isolation
  • Mental health
  • Trauma
  • Substance use
  • Team based care

Our goal is to learn from educators, students and other leaders about the strategies and best practices they are using to improve and foster wellness throughout the pandemic. We will also be continuing our dialogue during the conference to learn from updates/initiatives from last year’s conference theme – Education in Action: Teaching Anti-Racism to Today’s Learners.

Conference Aims

  • To discuss the current landscape of SDOH training in health professions education at all levels
  • To compare and contrast different innovations to advance health professions education related to SDOH
  • To evaluate and apply current research, resources, and best practices related to SDOH, specifically wellness in clinical care and educational practices.
  • To identify collaborative and interprofessional strategies that address wellness.

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