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We bring together a multi-disciplinary community of trainees, educators, clinicians, researchers and community stakeholders to enhance social determinants of health training and dissemination of best practices.

Using geographic information systems and geospatial data to identify and address social determinants of health in clinical practice and training

Training primary care providers to use of geospatial data and geographic information systems (GIS) systems has the potential to improve patient outcomes both at a local level, as well as a national level as graduates disperse to diverse practice locations. This study examines best practices and effective models of integrating geospatial data and GIS into clinical care and provider training.

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Integrating Medical-Legal Partnerships to Address the Social Determinants of Health in Primary Care Clinical Practice and Training

Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLP) present an opportunity for medical students, residents and practitioners to develop practical approaches and skills to addressing social determinants of health and to practicing in interdisciplinary teams. This study examines various training models to prepare providers to practice in these settings.

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