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Providing and spreading resources for educators, medical practitioners and communities to understand and address how social, economic and environmental factors impact health and healthcare.

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As a collaborative our goal is to improve teaching and learning about social determinants in healthcare settings. Racism is a SDOH, thus we would like to highlight our Anti-Racism Curricula that has been peer reviewed and posted in our Curriculum Collection. Creating better health in every community means understanding root causes. Our resources start that conversation.

Below are just three of the many resources we have available. Visit the Curriculum Collection to view more.

Exploring Racism and Health: An Intensive Interactive Session for Medical Students

This resource from MedEdPORTAL, published in 2018, was co-created by faculty and medical students to introduce first-year medical students to race and racism, discuss racism in medicine, and provide tools for students to use when encountering racism in clinical practice (CHARGE2 and INTERRUPT frameworks).

When Race Matters on the Wards: Talking About Racial Health Disparities and Racism in the Clinical Setting

This small group session, from MedEdPORTAL, introduces third-year medical students to issues of race in clinical care using case-based discussions. .

Unconscious Bias in Medicine

This resource, from Stanford University, is a CME module which addresses the recognition and mitigation of unconscious bias.


We’re creating a community for medical educators, practitioners, students, and researchers to create better health outcomes.

We study and share ways to prepare healthcare  providers to address the social, cultural, economic, and other  factors exert that powerful influences on health, and create disparities along racial, ethnic, and class lines. What are social determinants of health?

  • Income, wealth, and social status
  • Environmental exposures and our physical environment
  • Education and literacy
  • Personal health behaviors (e.g., exercise, diet, smoking, substance use)
  • Social networks and social supports
  • Social stressors (e.g., discrimination, social isolation)
  • Access to care by clinicians and healthcare systems/ health insurance

We hope you’ll join our conversation, and impart it to your students, peers, and community. We can bridge this gap, and work to create better health outcomes for everyone. More about us

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A Shared Library for Educators, Practitioners and Activists

Educational Collection

Teaching and assessment materials, videos and more to prepare learners to incorporate social determinants into all aspects of care delivery. Explore the collection

Social Determinants Resources

A collection of information, tools, publications and organizations exploring the variety of social factors that impact a person’s health and how we can overcome those challenges. View SDOH resources

NCEAS Research

At NCEAS, we’re working on original research that seeks to improve our understanding of how to address social determinants in training and practice. View our research

“If poverty were an illness, it would be as big a determinant of whether people live or die as cancer or heart disease. And in the United States, right now adults living on the poorest end of the spectrum will die 10 to 14 years earlier than adults who are the wealthiest.”

Stephen D Persell, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine, Northwestern University

Featured Project

Outcomes of the Education-Centered Medical Home

A novel, team-based, four-year longitudinal primary care clerkship focused on preparing medical students to best understand healthcare disparities in the communities where they serve.

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