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An indexed database of curricula and assessment materials (including courses, simulation, SP cases, and experimental learning opportunities) that are ready to be implemented or adapted to your setting.

*A note about using resources: The education collection contains many case-based materials about social determinants. Cases promote active learning, but may also unintentionally promote stereotypes. To critically appraise whether case-based materials or curricula exhibit bias, consider using one of the following checklists.

Race and Culture Guide for Editors of Teaching Cases

 Checklist for Assessing Bias in Medical Education Content

Anti-Racism Curricula

As a collaborative our goal is to improve teaching and learning about social determinants in healthcare settings. Racism is a SDOH, thus we would like to highlight our Anti-Racism Curricula. View these resources by selecting the Anti-Racism topic in SDOH topics below.


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SDOH Topic

Delivery/Education Method

Curriculum Duration

Year Published

Working With People With Disabilities: An Interactive Video/Lecture Session for First- and Second-Year Medical Students

Date of Review: December, 2020 This curriculum is for an interactive introductory session for first- and second-year medical students on how to approach individuals with […]

Hearn, Sandra L.

Medical Students


Working With Interpreters as a Team in Health Care (WITH Care) Curriculum Tool Kit for Oral Health Professions

Date of Review: November, 2020 The WITH Care (Working With Interpreters as a Team in Health Care) curriculum is a 3.5-hour simulation-based training for oral […]

Woll, Anne

Dental Students

Language/Interpreter Use

The Case of Sean Smith: A Three-Part Interactive module on Transgender Health for Second-Year Medical Students:

Date of Review: November, 2020 This resource describes a multimodal workshop developed by Rutgers New Jersey Medical School to inform healthcare professionals about transgender health. […]

Berenson, Marc G.

General Health Care Audience

Medical Students

Gender/Sexuality/LGBTQ Health

Stories of Health Disparities

Date of Review: November, 2020 In this two-week online elective, learners develop awareness, understanding, and empathy for the challenges faced by underserved patient populations and […]

Chen, Melissa

General Health Care Audience

General SDOH

Teaching Intersectionality of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Race/Ethnicity in a Health Disparities Course

Date of Review: November, 2020 This resource introduces medical students to the concept of intersectionality, specifically discussing the ways that shared identity in a sexual […]

Bi, Stephanie

Medical Students

Access to Care


Culture/Cultural Humility/Cultural Competence


Gender/Sexuality/LGBTQ Health

Health Disparities

Implicit/Explicit Bias

Social Networks/Social Isolation

Social Determinants of Health Training Plan

Date of Review: November, 2020 This is a comprehensive curriculum developed by the Illinois Public Health Foundation and offered to interested learners across the education […]

Van Rite, Eric

General Health Care Audience

General SDOH

Promoting Affirmative Transgender Health Care Practice Within Hospitals

Date of Review: November, 2020 This interprofessional workshop, from MedEdPORTAL, asks health care learners across multiple professions to take a deep dive in the management […]

McCave, Emily

Medical Students


Occupational Therapy Students

Physical Therapy Students

Physician Assistant students

Social Work Students

Gender/Sexuality/LGBTQ Health

Introducing ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and Resilience to First-Year Medical Students

Date of Review: November, 2020 This resource from MedEdPORTAL is an one hour lecture on adverse childhood experiences (ACE). Although its not robust resource, its […]

Onigu-Otite, Edore

Medical Students

Adverse childhood events

Women and the Incarceration Epidemic: What Every Healthcare Provider Needs to Know – The Case of Nicole Anderson

Date of Review: November, 2020 Resource from MedEdPORTAL that is a two session curriculum for pre-clinical med students teaching the impact of incarceration on women. […]

Robertson-James, Candace

Medical Students

Incarceration/Correctional Health/Criminal Justice Health

Assessing Trauma History in Pregnant Patients: A Didactic Module and Role-Play for Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents

Date of Review: October, 2020 his resource introduces concepts of trauma-informed care in the obstetrics setting, and includes a variety of curriculum materials including a […]

Stevens, Natalie



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