Deconstructing Ableism in Health Care Settings Through Case-Based Learning

Date of Review: April, 2024

This is a case-based learning curriculum, from MedEd Portal, implemented by a medical student team at Stanford and at the Stanford Conference on Disability in Healthcare and Medicine to educate medical students on disability and developing proper frameworks for improving the patient-physician relationship. This curriculum covered a novel topic that needs more emphasis in medical education however I viewed more as a qualitative/ exploratory assessment of attitudes and perception. I think this is a great first step for students and educators to incorporating more education on working with those with disabilities. –Anna Marie Young, MD, NCEAS

Corresponding Author’s Email:



Where was the Curriculum Implemented:

Stanford, California

Outcomes that Have Been Reported for the Curriculum:

Learner Satisfaction or reaction

Self-reported learner attitude

Self-reported learner knowledge

Outcome and Study Design:

Post Only

Level of Learner Assessment

Appreciation of content/attitude assessment (self-reflection, blogging with rubric)


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