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Curriculum Collection

The NCEAS Curriculum Collection is an indexed database of curricula and assessment materials (including courses, simulation, cases, and experimental learning opportunities) that are ready to be implemented or adapted to your setting. The curriculum collection seeks to highlight critical subject areas for educators teaching about the social determinants of health to a variety of audiences. Submissions are peer reviewed by our community of practice members.

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General Resources Collection

The NCEAS General Resources Collection, is a collection of indexed journal articles, position papers, individual lectures, websites, videos, and other data sources pertaining to social determinants of health that can be used to build curricula. These resources address similar topics to the curriculum collection and are also intended for a variety of audiences, though they are generally shorter in length. Submissions are peer reviewed by our community of practice members.

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Educators everywhere are looking for support and guidance to teach their students about SDOH and we hope to fill that gap by providing a space for dissemination of the many innovative curricular that are being created and implemented. Our goal is to make it easy for educators to find SDOH material to support teaching the next generation of health care professionals.

-Ashti Doobay-Persaud, MD

Curriculum Collection Lead

Associate Professor, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Bias Checklists

The curriculum collection contains many case-based materials about the social determinants of health. Cases promote active learning but may unintentionally propagate stereotypes. The Education Collection is periodically reviewed to assess for bias, but consider using one of the following checklists to ensure that the resource you have chosen is appropriate for your educational setting.

Race and Culture Guide for Editors of Teaching Cases

Checklist for Assessing Bias in Medical Education Content


Some of the curricula and resources in the collection may reference concepts such as cultural competency. This term is somewhat outdated, and such an approach to care has largely been supplanted by other concepts such as cultural humility. Although the phrase “cultural competence” may still occasionally be used, applying the correct terminology to describe efforts to advocate for marginalized patients and communities is critical. Read more about the power of language and the need to adopt a stance of humility in care below.

Integrating Cultural Humility into the Medical Education Curriculum: Strategies for Educators

Power and Language in Medical Education

Anti-Racism Curricula

As a collaborative our goal is to improve teaching and learning about social determinants in healthcare settings. Racism is a SDOH, thus we would like to highlight our Anti-Racism Curricula. View these resources by selecting the Anti-Racism SDOH topic on the left side of the page under the SDOH topics in the Curriculum and General Resources Collection.

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