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NCEAS accepts submissions of innovative curricula to train learners about social determinants of health.

Submissions are peer reviewed, and those that are accepted are published in the National Collaborative for Education to Address the Social Determinants of Health Educational Collection. 

Submissions are accepted in the following curricular focus areas:
  • Social determinants of health
  • Health equity
  • Health disparities
  • Population health
Authors are credited for their work. Authors are asked to regularly update their curricular materials in order to continue displaying them on our site.
Submissions are reviewed based on the following criteria:
  • Topic relates to social determinants of health.
  • Resource is clearly intended for health professions learners.
  • Content is up-to-date, accurate, and well-referenced.
  • Resource contains all essential elements for replication in another setting. It is strongly encouraged that authors include learner assessment tools.
  • Resource can be published in the public domain.
  • Does not include proprietary information unless submitted with permissions from copyright holder.
  • Content is likely to remain current, or require minimal updates, for at least three years.
Read our about page to review copyright information before submitting curricular materials.

Submitting your Curriculum

Click the button below to download the Education Collection template form. Once completed submit your template along with your curriculum below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be part of the NCEAS network to submit a curriculum?
A: No, but we welcome you to join!

Q: How do I cite NCEAS resources?
A: Sample citation for citing peer-reviewed curriculum resources:
Author A, Author B. Resource Title: Subheader. Retrieved from the NCEAS Educational Collection: [resource link] [date].

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