Words Matter: An Antibias Workshop for Healthcare Professionals to Reduce Stigmatizing Language

Date of Review: July, 2023

This anti-bias workshop was developed for a broad spectrum of clinical providers, trainees and staff who have patient contact. Its focus is on making providers/staff aware of and reduce their use of stigmatizing language in verbal and written communication through a 90-minute workshop featuring didactic material and a skit demonstrating the impact of stigmatizing language in a simulated clinical encounter. Strengths of this resource include its adaptability to a wide range of healthcare professionals and clinical situations and the modest amount of resources required to deploy this workshop. One challenge acknowledged by the authors is the need for institutional support and a broader culture to reinforce the training, without which the impact of the workshop alone is likely to be limited. — Loel Solomon, PhD, Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine

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Stanford School of Medicine

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