Teaching Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Pediatric Clinical Settings: A Training Workshop for Faculty and Residents

Date of Review: June, 2021

This curriculum presents a 2-hour training on sexual orientation and gender identity for faculty and residents in pediatric settings. It seeks to help both types of attendees gain knowledge/skills for patient care, and to learn how to teach sexual orientation and gender identity content in clinical settings. It can be included as part of a core residency curriculum, but has also been delivered as a conference workshop. The training includes a patient vignette video (and accompanying learner needs assessment), didactic PowerPoint presentation, small-group case-based discussions and role-plays, and a large-group debrief session. The curriculum is relatively brief and could quite feasibly be implemented using the included components on the MedEd Portal. In addition, the intended learner groups are likely to benefit from the sexual orientation and gender identity training that has been tailored to pediatrics. Potential limitations potential limited learner engagement due to some passive learning activities (watching videos and didactic lecture) and large group discussion. In addition, the curriculum has only been evaluated via post-test learner surveys. Nevertheless, it is likely a worthwhile training for both residents and faculty who are interested in this particular topic. –Dave Liss, PhD, NCEAS

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NYU Langone Health

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Baltimore, MD; Davis, CA; San Antonio, TX

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