SDOH & Discharge Planning

Date of Review: March, 2023

This is a single session workshop on General SDoH education directed mostly towards medical students, but it could be implemented for residents. This curriculum includes well written case vignettes and a guided matrix to analyze cases with a lens on SDoH. The cases could be broadened to include more diverse demographics. The matrix identified needs, but is less structed at teaching interventions. They report limited qualitative outcomes of students identifying barriers to care and student self-reported appreciation of the curriculum.–Aashish Didwania MD, NCEAS

Corresponding Author’s Email:


Wake Forest

Where was the Curriculum Implemented:

Wake Forest, NC

Clinical Specialty

Internal Medicine

Outcomes that Have Been Reported for the Curriculum:

Learner Satisfaction or reaction

Self-reported learner attitude

Outcome and Study Design:

Post Only

Level of Learner Assessment

Appreciation of content/attitude assessment (self-reflection, blogging with rubric)

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