Reproductive Justice: A Case-Based, Interactive Curriculum

Date of Review: July, 2023

This resource from MedEd Portal  introduces reproductive justice concepts in a 2-hour small-group session for post-clerkship medical students using a four interactive cases focusing on LGBTQIA+ health, undocumented populations’ health and access to family planning services, racial disparities in maternal morbidity and mortality, reproductive health and environmental violence within Indigenous communities. Students are required to complete a fair amount of pre-work in a flipped classroom model, including watching a video outlining the historical context, reading an article and reviewing one of the four cases in depth to present to their peers. Then, faculty members lead 6-10 students through discussions of each case with the aid of powerpoint slides. Since multiple faculty are required to complete this workshop, there is a faculty curriculum guide to ensure they are comfortable with the topic. This is a gap for many health professional curricula and the cases emphasizes the intersectional nature between patient decision making and reproductive health outcomes. It would be relatively straightforward to implement based on the materials provided. However, it may be challenging to address questions about legislative differences across states if learners will be in different areas of the country for the next part of their career (i.e. residency). -Emily Olsen, MD, N-CEAS [Edited by Dr. Ashti Doobay-Persaud]

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Harvard Medical School

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Boston, MA

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Family and Community Medicine

Internal Medicine

OBGYN/Women’s Health


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Appreciation of content/attitude assessment (self-reflection, blogging with rubric)

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