Health Equity Rounds: An Interdisciplinary Case Conference to Address Implicit Bias and Structural Racism for Faculty and Trainees

Date of Review: June, 2020

This resource is a peer reviewed paper which describes a multi-session Rounds curriculum which involved all levels as learners, including faculty, on the subject of structural racism and implicit bias. The Health Equity Rounds followed a specific format, which is detailed in the addendum section and which is available to those wishing to replicate this curriculum. An interesting aspect of this curriculum is that each rounds were developed and lead by the residents. The sessions, which appear to be about 1 hour (there are 7) are all introduced with an explanation of the rounds objectives and ground rule setting; this leads to the case presentation and guided imagery exercises and opportunities for reflection either shared with the group or in pairs. Historical context of the bias or racism was then presented with opportunity for discussion. The cases were based on real patients and there is an addendum which also give guidelines for case development. The curriculum creation direction is explicit so it would be labor intensive but very possible to modify this curriculum for one’s own institution.–Barb Bayldon, MD, NCEAS

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Boston Medical Center and Combined Residency Program/Harvard

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Boston, Massachusetts

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