Community Perspectives in Medicine: Elective for First- Year Medical Students

Date of Review: November, 2018

This resource, from MedEdPORTAL, is an elective course which introduces medical students to community based organizations that represent and advocate for communities of diverse populations. The student-moderated semi-structured interviews with community-based organization representative provides students with an opportunity to learn about community assets and resources for their patients and the health disparities present in their communities. The students then debrief in safe space discussion forums. This resource allows for an important connection to be made between community based organizations and medical students and these connections could enhance the cultural awareness of the students and also allow the organizations to get involved in the medical school. Although this course is run with a $2500 grant, the budget is primarily for travel honorarium and thank you gifts for the speakers as well as dinner for the students which could. The main limitations are cost and the time and availability of community based organizations.—Mobola Campbell, MD, NCEAS & Sarah Hale, MD, NCEAS

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