A Multielement Community Medicine Curriculum for the Family Medicine Clerkship

Date of Review: October, 2018

This intensive curriculum, from MedEdPORTAL, was delivered over approximately 1-1.5 days as part of a Family Medicine clerkship. The curriculum and its learning objectives are clearly described and use a combination of experiential learning, didactics, case-based discussions, and reflective writing. Implementing this curriculum is feasible, but would require intensive faculty assistance to maintain and update community relationships. The curriculum is undergoing changes such as decreasing the amount of reading and didactics, based on student feedback.  Mita Goel, MD, NCEAS and Aashish Didwania, MD, NCEAS

Corresponding Author’s Email:



Medical College of Wisconsin

Where Was the Curriculum Implemented?

Milwaukee, WI

Source of the Curriculum/Resource:


Clinical Specialty:

Family and community medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics

Outcomes that Have Been Reported for the Curriculum:

Learner satisfaction or reaction

Self-reported learner attitude

Self-reported learner knowledge

Measured change in learner knowledge

Outcome and Study Design:

Post only

Level of Learner Assessment:

Appreciation of content/attitude assessment (self reflection, blogging with rubric)

Knowledge Acquisition (MCQ, IRAT, GRAT)

Knowledge Application (Case vignette, non-reflective essay)

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