Is academic medicine prepared to teach about the intersection of childhood experiences and health? A Survey of Faculty Teaching About Health Disparities Using a Social Determinants Framework

Angie Koo, BA, Jordyn Irwin, BA, Morgan Sturgis, BS, Alan Schwartz, PhD, Memoona Hasnain, MD, MHPE, PhD, Elizabeth Davis, MD, and Audrey Stillerman, MD

Facilitating Student Community Health Immersion during COVID-19 Crisis: The Promise Neighborhood Health Equity Fellowship and Bridging the Gaps Community Health Internship Collaboration The Community Action Poverty Simulation

Abby Letcher, MD, Hasshan Batts, DHSc, MSW; Mary Ellen Miller, PhD, RN, APHN-BC; Sirry Alang, PhD

Building Awareness and Breaking Down Barriers – a workshop addressing racism and privilege for family medicine residents Social Determinants of Health: Know What Affects Health

Jennifer Liu, MD, Melanie Menning MD, Jessica Koran-Scholl PhD, Hannah Christiansen MD, Susan Evans MD, Alex Dworak MD, Andrea Jones MD, Alberto Marcelin MD, Ryan Hunter MD, Neil Kalsi MD, Jenenne Geske, PhD

Representations of Difference in Online Learning

Joanne Louis, Lecturer

Psychological Safety, Identity Reflection, and Responding to Microaggressions – A Trainee and Faculty Curriculum at the University of Utah

Katie Gradick, MD, Mauricio Laguan, Programs Manager, Reena Tam, MD

Pushing health inequities out in front: a curricular framework for medical students

Carol Hustedde, Associate Professor, Raven Piercey, PhD, Lecturer, Claire Clark, PhD, Associate Professor

Implicit Bias in Step 1 Practice Question Banks

Paul Kent, Associate Professor, Asantewaa Ture, MD, Jeremy Chapman-Gould, MD, Stephen Dvorak

Equipping Tomorrow’s Physicians to Care for Underserved Populations through Community Engagement and Instruction on Social Determinants during the Clinical Clerkship

Nancy Denizard-Thompson, Associate Professor of General Internal Medicine, Deepak Palakshappa MD- Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Andrea Vallevand, PhD, Gia DiGiacobbe BA, Amanda Damman BA, David Miller MD- Professor of Internal Medicine

Implementation of a Diversity Curriculum to Residents: Workshops Targeted at Enhancing Performance Regarding Unconscious Bias, Allyship, and Microaggresion

Odinakachukwu Ehie, Clinical Assistant Professor, MD, LaMisha Hill, PhD

Empowering Internal Medicine Residents to Address Incivility through Active Bystander Training

Maryam Famouri, MD, MPH, Nancy Denizard-Thompson, MD

Anti-Racism Curriculum for Primary Care Residents

Blen Girmay, MD, Elaine De Leon Jones MD MHS, Kate Otto Chebly MD MPA, Richard E. Greene MD MHPE, Mack Lipkin MD

Addressing Implicit Racial Bias in the Clinical Setting: A Qualitative Study of Family Medicine Residents

Anna Goroncy, MD, Jamal Gurbis, BS, Keesha Goodnow, BAE

Education-Centered Medical Home at University of Illinois College of Medicine

Natasha Mehta, MS, Andrew Mudreac; Adam Douglas; Natalie Jansen, PhD; Memoona Hasnain, MD, MHPE, PhD

GME Action Learning: Implementing a Novel “Medicine & Society” Curriculum for GME

Linda Morrison, Executive Director, Barry Meisenberg, MD, Designated Institutional Official, Melissa Keener, Surgery Program Coordinator

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS): A New Role For Art In Teaching About Implicit Bias

Heba Osman, MD, Suma Alzouhayli, MS3, Ijeoma Nnodim Opara, MD

An Educational Intervention to Improve the Competence of Pediatric Healthcare Providers on Public Charge

Greta Peng, Resident Physician in Pediatrics, Alexandria Valdrighi, MD., Allison Lai, MD., Amy Whittle, MD.

Cancer Health Justice Lab: The way forward to mentoring, training, education, and service

Pamela Valera, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, Luis Alzate-Duque, MD, Assistant Professor, Humberto Baquerizo, EdD, Director, Vivian González Cueto, PhD, Assistant Professor, Victor Cueto, MD, Assistant Professor , Joachim Sackey, PhD, Assistant Professor, Sarah Malarkey, Research Assistant, Nadia Smith, Research Assistant, Lashida Barnes, Research Intern, Asia Lefebre, Research Intern, Rachel Cuevas, Research Intern, Karina Mercado, Research Intern, Juan Bell, Research Intern

Exploring Maternal Health Disparities Using Principles of Birth Justice: A Case-Based Approach

Cindy Zhang, MD; Resident, Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology, Sarah Jessica Doi; Doula, Chicago Volunteer Doulas
Weronika Armstrong, MD; Clinical Instructor, Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology

Social determinants of health screening pilot in a pediatric inpatient setting

Laura Rubinos, MD, Mabel Chan, MD; Holly Martin, MD; Heather Briscoe MD; Sarah Davis MSW; Shilu Ramachand; Liezl Uy; Matthew Pantell, MD

A Multimodal Black History Tour: Increasing Physician Comfort with Critical Race Theory and Trauma-Informed Care

Natalia Sidhu, MD, Rosemary Hunter, MD

A Student-Designed Anti-Racism Curriculum for Incoming Medical Students to Discuss Race as a Social Construct as a Pre-requisite for Undergraduate Medical Education

Elizabeth Stein, Medical Student, Andy Wen, MD/MPH Student, Alyna T. Khan, PhD Candidate, Naomi T. Nkinsi, MD/MPH Student

Developing a Dedicated Chief Resident in an Equity and Advocacy Role in an Internal Medicine Residency Program

Sneha Thatipelli, Chief Medical Resident of Equity and Advocacy 2020-2021, Nicholas Iver Simon, MD: Previous Chief Medical Resident 2019-2020, Current hematology-oncology fellow at NIH, Aashish Didwania, MD: Internal medicine Program Director, Vice Chair of Education

Racism, not Race: A Review of Race Correction and Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate

Syeda Akila Ally, BA, Medical Student, Amel Baker, BS, Medical Student , Afsara Haque, BS, Medical Student, Earl Chism, BA, Medical Student, University of Illinois College of Medicine *Authors share co-authorship

The Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Self-Efficacy in Teens with Crohn’s Disease

Deniece Jukiewicz, PhD(c) RN, ACNS-BC, Jacob Kurowski MD, Katherine Lamparyk Psyseveral theories D, Joachim G. Voss, PhD, RN, ACRN, FAAN

Community Organizing in Family Medicine Training

Anna Persmark, Medical student, MPH, Kanwar Thind, MPH, Brian Park, MD MPH, Holly Hoffkamp, MD

Curricular Needs Assessment Addressing the Social Determinants of Health for Family Medicine Residents at an Urban Community-Based Program

Morgan Beatty, MD, MPH, Matthew Rudolph, MD, Leslie Smebak, MD

Enhancing Students’ Understanding of Social Determinants of Health Through Interprofessional Hotspotting

Lauren Belak, MD-C, MPH-C, Andrew J. Manhan MPH, DO-C, Manasvi Sundar MPH-C, Samir Sarda DO-C, Rebecca Goldstein MPH, MD-C

A Week-Long Immersion into Equity, Social Determinants, and Population Health for Health Professionals

Maureen Benjamins, Senior Research Fellow

Virtual Visiting Clinical Elective in Equitable Healthcare: A Health Equity Curriculum for Visiting 4th year Medical Students During COVID-19

Zoe Cosner, Medical Student, Mr. Brian Lo, Medical Student, Mr. Dylan Hardenbergh, Medical Student, Ms. Kori Porosnicu-Rodriguez, Medical Student

Using the H&P 360 to Identify Social Determinants of Health Integral to Chronic Disease Management

Rupinder Hayer MPH, Valerie Terry, PhD, Consultant , Ebony Whisenant, MD, A.T. Still University

Building the Geriatrics Health Workforce through Transformative Interprofessional Education

Memoona Hasnain, MD, MHPE, PhD Professor, Valerie Gruss, PhD, APN, ANP-BC, FAAN,

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