Social Contexts in Medicine: Patient Survey

Date of Review: December, 2020

This resource is a survey provided by the Tulane University School of Medicine. The survey is designed for patients who have taken part in the Social Contexts in Medicine (SCIM) program to share their experiences taking part in the SCIM program. This program allows first- and second-year medical students to follow patients and their primary care physician for two years in order to gain knowledge about the social factors which impacts the health and illness of patients. The survey asks patients about their opinions of physicians and the healthcare system before and after taking part in the SCIM program. Moreover, the survey tool asks patients about their experiences with the medical student and their overall views of the SCIM program. This is a nice tool that could easily be adapted for program improvement. Their website has more detailed information about the program itself including resources and links. I would contact the authors for additional tools as needed. —Ashti Doobay-Persaud