Anti-Racism and Race Literacy: A Primer and Toolkit for Medical Educators

Date of Review: August, 2023

This excellent toolkit provides medical educators with a structured approach to developing curricula that engage learners in the topic of racism. The toolkit includes common definitions and frameworks, a discussion of the historical context of racism in medicine, and a guide for creating and evaluating anti-racist educational materials. This resource could be used to develop new anti-racist curricula, improve existing curricula, or encourage an anti-racist approach in educational materials more broadly across an institution. The guide offers detailed examples of how to evaluate and revise lectures and clinical vignettes to demonstrate anti-racism by contextualizing race, eliminating stereotypes, addressing health disparities, and disrupting oppression. Finally, the guide includes a thorough list of additional resources. This toolkit is helpful not only for curriculum content creators but also for any medical educator who is seeking a deeper understanding of race and racism. —Emma Anselin, MD, NCEAS