Toolkit: Incorporating Trauma Informed Practices & ACES Into Professional Curricula

Date of Review: June, 2019

This resource is an online toolkit that provides a trauma-informed practice and ACES curriculum for health professional students. The goal is to provide a comprehensive foundational curriculum in this topic area. The toolkit is separated into key concepts each with guides; resources and activities. They address the basic definitions; characteristics of trauma, resilience, trauma informed care and the final sections are about vicarious or secondary trauma. There are numerous activities suggested throughout and the material could be delivered as a 5 week seminar; integrated into existing curricula or given in its entirety as a workshop. The authors provide guidance on the small group settings, faculty needed to provide a site, effective learner space. There is a full PowerPoint slide deck at the end that was used at Temple University to teach this material to 150 health professionals and students from a variety of fields and disciplines. Pre and post test course evaluations were completed which showed an increase in participant self-assessed knowledge. The first section describes the current landscape and provides an environmental scan with many resources and important material. There are many resources throughout and this material could be easily integrated into foundational pre-clinical curricula for health professional students – it would be particularly relevant for the pediatric, family medicine or any primary care teaching. –Ashti Doobay-Persaud, MD, NCEAS

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Philadelphia ACE Task Force, Workforce Development work-group

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Self-reported learner knowledge

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