Social Determinants of Health Curriculum for Clinicians

Date of Review: February, 2024

This curriculum is a series of webinars and modules as well as blog posts and podcasts put out by the American Hospital Association to address social determinants of health. It is geared towards clinicians as well as hospital administrators to understand the upstream effects of social determinants of health on patient care and hospitalization. The materials are self-guided, with little to no participant interaction. There is also no evaluation for either the learner or the curriculum. For example, webinars are videos posted via YouTube to the website and are anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in length with no associated quiz or audience participation. The information is useful in helping the audience of practitioners and administrators understand social determinants of health and implement screenings and strategies to address them in their patient populations. This curriculum is best suited for a self guided learner, that could be done at their own pace, and in any order. It is difficult to make this a mandatory training however, as there is no formal evaluation or test of knowledge. –Ashley Smith-Nunez, MD, NCEAS


American Hospital Association

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