Rainbows and “Ready for Residency”: Integrating LGBTQ Health Into Medical Education

Date of Review: May, 2023

This resource from MedEdPORTAL outlines an 80-minute “Intro to LGBTQ Health” session geared for fourth-year medical students during a Ready for Residency curriculum. It incorporates a problem-based-learning format that is primarily led by learners. Six small groups research individual topics (e.g. history-taking skills, psychosocial disparities, state laws, safe-sex recommendations, gender-affirming care, etc.) and then present their findings to the large group through the guidance of a facilitator. There is an accompanying powerpoint to supplement discussions. The session is primarily dedicated to discussion of pediatric patients. Because the curriculum is incorporated into an already-required clinical clerkship, I think it would be relatively easy for other institutions to implement a version of this into their medical school curricula or pediatric residency training. Although the case on state laws is particularly helpful, it would have to be adjusted for the institution’s state and may not be applicable to medical students going elsewhere for residency. – Emily Olsen, MD

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Montefiore Medical Center

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New York, NY

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