Physician’s Curriculum in Clinical Nutrition: Primary Care

Date of Review: May, 2019

This resource, from MedEdPORTAL, offers multiple strategies for teaching nutrition to residents in a Primary Care setting. After presenting guidelines developed by the Group on Nutrition (GON), a variety of curriculums/learning opportunities were highlighted. These different learning modalities range across several teaching settings (i.e., didactic, workplace learning, etc.), in programs that differed significantly from each other. In several of the examples, suggestions for implementation and evaluation are discussed, but there is no outcome data from sites who have utilized these curricular innovations. Though this resource does not present one ‘best practice’ teaching strategy that has undergone evaluation, the guidelines are useful in defining what components should ideally be integrated into teaching strategies, and the variety of curriculums discussed offer a flexible approach for teaching nutrition at sites with differing resources. -Elizabeth Painter, PsyD, NCEAS

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Family and Community Medicine

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