Patient Centered Care Workshop: Providing Quality Health Care to a Diverse Population

Date of Review: May, 2019

This resource, from MedEdPORTAL, offers all materials needed to hold a 4-hour workshop for third-year medical students to learn about patient-centered care, with emphasis on patients who may encounter bias from providers or be labeled ‘difficult.’ It includes objectives, facilitator training materials, slides for a didactic introduction to the content, cases including questions for discussion, and evaluations. Four annotated cases are provided, each explored from the perspectives of the physician, the patient (using Kleinman’s 8 questions as a guide), and society. Limitations include the lack of evidence of effectiveness (evaluation focus n self-reported knowledge and attitudes) and the date of publication. The materials, though well-designed, are now more than 12 years old. The ‘best [medical] evidence’ cited by each case is largely out-of-date; and some social aspects feel unrealistic (for example, a 55-year-old patient is now too young to also be a veteran of the Vietnam War; AZT is not the standard of care for prevention of vertical HIV transmission and refusing it for religious reasons is extremely unusual in the U.S.). That said, the thoughtfully designed format is a useful guide to faculty looking to develop similar workshops with updated materials. -Amy Caruso Brown, MD, NCEAS


Medical College of Wisconsin

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