National LGBT Health Education Center Modules: Providing Quality Care to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Patients: An Introduction for Staff Training

Date of Review: June, 2019

This resource consists of 8 interactive, online modules addressing LGBTQ+ health topics, and are free. The modules are appropriate for anyone involved in health care delivery, including clinicians, front desk staff, rooming staff, etc. The modules cover topics from terminology and effective communication, to HIV prevention, and care of LGBTQ older adults and youth. The modules each take about 10 minutes and are clearly presented. There are also brief learner assessments embedded within the presentations to reinforce key points. It is unclear what effect this module has on increasing knowledge or changing behaviors, as there was no information presented about its effect on learners. –Mita Goel, MD, NCEAS

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Fenway Institute


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