National LGBT Health Education Center Modules: Improving Health Care for Transgender People

Date of Review: June, 2019

This resource is an online educational module by the National LGBT Health Education Center about Improving Health Care for Transgender People. Basic concepts and definitions related to transgender health are described. Specific skills in communication, clinical history-taking; physical exam and primary care, prevention and effective treatment best practices are detailed. Effects of stigma and discrimination; common health issues, disparities in health and well-being, and additional structural and social barriers to accessing healthcare are described. This module also proposes ways to overcome these barriers and improve visibility in healthcare and access for transgender patients. Finally, there is a section on gathering data in an ethically and culturally appropriate manner to study health outcomes with and for transgender patients.Tips are given for creating an inclusive environment throughout the clinic both structurally and through inclusive instructions with respectful staff. There are two versions of this material available, one is a slide set that can be downloaded and also an interactive version with short quizzes; definitions and includes a notes section with detailed explanations. The interactive online module is timed and must be completed sequentially and questions answered to continue throughout module. Given the structure of the interactive module, it can easily be completed asynchronously and can be used by clinical health professional students in their pre-clinical years. This can be integrated into any health equity, diversity, LGBTQ or social medicine curriculum and in addition to being a self-contained module contains an annotated reference list to support faculty and students using this resource. This module is one of many free education modules addressing LGBT health and serves as a helpful introduction to basic concepts in clinical care for transgender patients. Note: you must create a free account on the National LGBT Health Education website in order to access these materials.  –Ashti Doobay-Persaud, MD, NCEAS

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