Medical Ethics and Health Equity: The Henrietta Lacks Story

Date of Review: November, 2018

This MedEdPORTAL resource introduces the topics of medical ethics and health equity through the historical lens of the case of Henrietta Lacks. Teams of students take lessons learned and apply them to modern-day medical ethics cases. Strengths include qualitative measures of assessment, as well as the comprehensive focus on medical ethics.. —Paul Ravenna, MD, NCEAS

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University of Central Florida

Where Was the Curriculum Implemented?

Orlando, FL

Source of the Curriculum/Resource:


Outcomes that Have Been Reported for the Curriculum:

Learner Satisfaction or reaction

Self-reported learner knowledge

Outcome and Study Design:


Level of Learner Assessment:

Knowledge Acquisition (MCQ, IRAT, GRAT)

Knowledge Application (Case vignette, non-reflective essay)

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