Increasing Knowledge and Self-Efficacy on Differences in Sex Development (DSD): A Team-Based Learning Activity for Pediatric Residents

Date of Review: June, 2021

This resource, from MedEdPORTAL, attempts to teach in-depth information about sexual differentiation for medical students and residents in the clinical setting in a team-based learning format. The authors examined student knowledge (IRAT/GRAT data) in addition to measuring self-efficacy on part of the learner. The content was well-sourced and presented in a systematic way. Anyone who wished to use this content at their institution could easily do so- all the tools are easy to follow and well-organized and relevant to the topic at hand. This is a very well-done curriculum that adds to a deeper understanding of human sexual development. –Sara Tariq, MD, NCEAS


Virginia Commonwealth

Source of the Curriculum/Resource:


Outcomes that Have Been Reported for the Curriculum:

Self-reported learner attitude

Measured in learner knowledge

Outcome and Study Design:


Level of Learner Assessment:

Knowledge Acquisition (MCQ, IRAT, GRAT)

Knowledge Application (Case vignette, non-reflective essay)

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