Health Communication and Action Planning with Immigrant Patients: Aligning Clinician and Community Perspectives

Date of Review: January, 2019

This resource, from MedEdPORTAL, presents a curriculum on providing culturally competent care to patients with a history of migration, with a focus on action planning (agreements between patients and care teams about a behavior change the patient is willing to make). It includes an instructor guide, a detailed activity file (i.e. handout) for learners, and power point slides with quotations for discussion.  Using examples from a Mexican immigrant community in California, the curriculum includes cases of individual patients’ interactions with the American health care system in the context of preexisting cultural beliefs about health and health care. The curriculum is designed to be delivered in two 1-1.5hr sessions.  It has been delivered to small groups of 10-15 third-year medical students and residents, but the examples are seemingly flexible enough to be used for learners in other clinical roles.  Strengths of the curriculum include use of multiple teaching strategies – reflective practice, role play, flipped classroom as well as the use of quotations from actual patients, which makes it truly authentic.  The curriculum requires sufficient preparation by the facilitator to deliver didactic content and lead discussions, but the curriculum contains sufficient details and instructions for the facilitator to succeed.  —Mobola Campbell, MD, NCEAS & David Liss, PhD, NCEAS

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UCSF School of Medicine

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San Francisco, CA

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Family and Community Medicine, Internal Medicine,

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