Family Violence Interactive Experience

Date of Review: March, 2019

This resource, from MedEdPORTAL, is a 4 hour workshop curricula aimed at M3 students incorporating 3 smaller group consecutive case-based faculty guided simulations of geriatric, domestic partner violence and child abuse scenarios with observed role playing by one of the learners and a standard patient volunteer sandwiched between 2 panels discussions, the first of abuse survivors and the second of Family Violence professionals. The resource includes a facilitators guide, a schedule, 3 cases representing the 3 types of abuse, a learner’s evaluation questionnaire and instructions for a post session reflection to be completed by the learners. Although there is no cost to obtain the curricula, the time cost of arranging this activity, which is fairly complicated and includes multiple facilitators since there are 3 consecutive sessions of the 3 abuse scenarios which the small groups rotate between, as well as the cost of paying standard patient actors need to be considered. the faculty would need to be educators with a background in this area since there are not supporting references for the facilitator.– Brigid Dolan, MD, NCEAS

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Indiana University School of Medicine

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Family and Community Medicine, Internal Medicine,

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