Creation of a Medical Student Training to Improve Comfort Providing Trauma-Informed Care to Sexual Assault Survivors

Date of Review: June, 2021

A comprehensive and robust set of curricular resources which aims to introduce the principles of trauma informed care for sexual assault survivors to UME students. The curriculum focuses on the acute care setting and is delivered over a few hours with both didactic lecture and small group discussions. The objective is to teach learners how to respond emphatically while collecting pertinent medical details and avoiding retraumatization. Resources include a video, role-play scenarios, and lecture slides with key statistics and other useful information such as phrases of speech to avoid. The relatively short curriculum can be adapted easily by other educators and institutions. –Ashti Doobay-Persaud, MD, NCEAS

Corresponding Author’s Email:


Rush Medical College

Where was the Curriculum Implemented:

Chicago, IL

Source of the Curriculum/Resource:


Clinical Specialty:

Emergency Medicine, Family and Community Medicine, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Outcomes that Have Been Reported for the Curriculum:

Self-reported learner attitude

Self-reported learner knowledge

Measured in learner knowledge

Outcome and Study Design:


Level of Learner Assessment

Appreciation of content/attitude assessment (self-reflection, blogging with rubric)

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