Caring with Compassion

Date of Review: October, 2018

This is a free, online resource that contains seven learning modules, a patient case-based game, an e-book, and a resource guide all aiming to provide learners with knowledge of United States public healthcare systems and the specific needs of homeless, uninsured, and otherwise underserved populations.  An instructor’s guide provides additional details related to its intended learners, implementation, objectives, and tools to support learner assessment and feedback.  The modules include: populations in need, insurance, delivery systems, homelessness and disease, social determinants of health, biopsychosocial health, and team care.  The case-based modules include pre-tests and end of module quizzes; learners can also complete a case-based game and compare their scores to other users.  Curriculum objectives are mapped to ACGME milestones. The evaluation form is also aligned to Internal Medicine Reporting Milestones and may be used as a rotation evaluation.  While the resource was created to be used as a curriculum unto itself, its modules could also be assigned to supplement other curricula.  Several of the modules focus on application of health law and health policy, so those using the modules may wish to review the content to ensure it remains up-to-date. Brigid Dolan, MD, NCEAS and Katy Wright, PhD, NCEAS

Corresponding Author’s Email:


University of Michigan Medical School

Where Was the Curriculum Implemented?

Ann Arbor, MI

Source of the Curriculum/Resource:


Level of Learner Assessment:

Knowledge Acquisition (MCQ, IRAT, GRAT)

Knowledge Application (Case vignette, non-reflective essay)

Independent learning estimated to take 10-15 hours of learner time.

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