Addressing Trauma and Building Resilience in Children and Families: Standardized Patient Cases for Pediatric Residents

Date of Review: May, 2022

This resource is a 4-hour workshop for pediatrics residents on screening/managing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and delivering trauma-informed care. It includes 3 standardized patient cases focusing on: 1) an adolescent with ACEs; 2) ACE disclosure by a parent, and; 3) de-escalation. The workshop includes a 1-hour training, 2 hours for the standardized patient cases (~40 minutes per standardized patient), and a 1-hour debrief. The entire workshop is comprehensive, but also resource-intensive. The MedEd Portal resource includes materials necessary to conduct the workshop, including orientation slides and training resources (written materials and brief videos), standardized patient materials, and evaluation surveys (for both learners and those assessing the learners). The resource authors have apparent expertise in the workshop topics, and include an accompanying resource packet. Overall, this curriculum could frequently be a valuable form of training. The standardized patient cases are generally realistic, and were rated by learners as highly applicable to their work. However, any implementing institution must have sufficient resources to deliver this workshop, namely the 3 standardized patients. –Dave Liss PhD, NCEAS

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Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Where was the Curriculum Implemented:

Baltimore, MD

Clinical Specialty

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Outcomes that Have Been Reported for the Curriculum:

Learner Satisfaction or reaction

Measured learner attitude

Self-reported learner behavior in simulated setting

Measured learner behavior in simulated setting

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Level of Learner Assessment

Demonstration of skill in a controlled environment (OSCE, Simulation)

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