Workshop Session 5

Tuesday, April 28th


Twenty-Years Since Cultural Humility – Where Are We Now? Highlighting Best Practices and Tools for Implementation


Ashti Doobay-Persaud, MD


  1. Understand the foundational differences between cultural humility and cultural competency training.
  2. Describe the limitations of cultural competency training and the strengths of cultural humility training.
  3. Apply and integrate the principles of cultural humility to new or existing curriculum.

Oral Abstract Session

Building the Future Geriatrics Workforce through Transformative Interprofessional Education


Memoona Hasnain, MD MHPE PhD and Valerie Gruss, PhD, APN, ANP-BC, FAAN


  1. Discuss key elements and strengths of an interprofessional geriatrics course
  2. Analyze key challenges encountered in designing and delivering multifaceted interprofessional geriatrics education
  3. Identify strategies to successfully develop interprofessional geriatrics education programs in participants’ settings

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