“SDOH and MED-Tech: How do we keep students connected to communities during healthcare’s digital revolution?”

Friday, May 31st
12pm (PST), 1pm (MST), 2pm (CST), 3pm (EST)

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The shock of the pandemic challenged the healthcare system to provide quality care to patient populations that were unable to access traditional healthcare settings. What resulted were clinics, hospitals, and other service providers pivoting to a reliance on digital systems to facilitate virtual patient visits and remote monitoring of chronic disease. As a result, post-pandemic undergraduate and graduate medical education has emphasized student exposure to these technological interventions. These technologies have expanded the reach of academic health centers to several underserved populations.  Left unresolved, however, is how we increase students’ and providers’ understanding of the lived experiences of their patients and of their patents’ communities. Several medical schools have included community-based experiences in their curriculum to reinforce learning objectives related to the social determinants of health. It is unclear, nevertheless, how these community-based experiences will coexist in a landscape of increasing reliance on digital solutions to interact with patient populations and, in some instances, to address the social determinants of health.

Join us as we present:

  • An approach by Roseman College of Medicine to embed ‘high tech-high touch’ learning opportunities into their 4-year home visitation program.
  • A brief demo of the Wellup platform that will be used to power Roseman’s ‘high tech-high touch’ approach.

Breakout session groups will discuss:

  • Other examples of how institutions are creating ‘high tech-high touch’ learning opportunities in underserved communities.
  • Who should be participating in the development of technology solutions aimed at teaching and addressing the social determinants of health?
  • How does the growing reliance on technology change how we teach concepts of “community” and “community engagement” to students?

Presented by:

Luther Brewster, Jr., PhD
Sr. Executive Dean
Roseman College of Medicine
Gregory Schneider, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Education
Roseman College of Medicine
Kyle Carriedo
Co-Founder of Wellup.io

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