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The National Collaborative for Education to Address the Social Determinants of Health (NCEAS) is a HRSA-funded Academic Unit for Primary Care Training and Enhancement. The mission of the NCEAS is to prepare primary care clinicians with the expertise and leadership to address the social determinants of health (SDOH).

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  • Discuss the current landscape of SDOH training in medical education at the UME, GME, and CME levels.
  • Compare and contrast different innovations to advance health professions education related to SDOH.
  • Evaluate and apply current research, resources, and best practices related to SDOH to clinical care and educational practices.
  • Identify collaborative, interprofessional strategies that address health equity.

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Fitz Mullan: Remembering a pioneer in Social Mission in Health Professions Education

Fitz and I met in 2016 when I came to George Washington University, and I immediately felt at ease. I looked around his office and there it was littered with photos of Fitz with his family, his patients, copies of his books, and a man that had a long service to his country. When we met, I noticed his wide smile, hearty laugh, and had the immediate feeling that we were cut from the same mold. We both had begun our careers wanting to optimize the potential of the kids we cared for.  Besides the four-decade age difference, he treated me as a colleague. I was a nurse. He was a pediatrician. Together, we could work to make a difference… I didn’t quite know what that would look like, but he did.

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Resource of the Month

Explore Helath in your City

This resource is an interactive website which explores policies and programs,  describes health factors and outcomes in communities across the country, identifies resources that address various challenges and guides one through advocacy.

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What’s the Latest?

News, Conferences, and Upcoming Events

  • Social Determinants of Health: What they are, what they aren’t | Read More Here
  • American Heart Association: We need evidence-based approaches to eliminate inequities | Read More Here
  • Just how much are health systems spending on social determinants? A new study put a number on it.  | Read More Here
  • March 6, 2020 
    Conference | Transitional Care Medicine | Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine | Chicago, IL |  Details
  • March 15-17, 2020
    Conference | The RISE National Summit on Social Determinants of Health | Nashville, TN | Details
  • Submission Deadline: April 8, 2020
    Submit your proposal for the Putting Care at the Center 2020 Conference | Philadelphia, PA | Details


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