Presented on: November 20, 2019

During this webinar, Dr. Caruso Brown discusses how medical education content suffers from implicit, and sometimes explicit, bias with regard to race, ethnicity, gender and other characteristics. Further, medical education may play a role in reinforcing false beliefs about biological differences between racial and ethnic groups. Such beliefs then affect how students and trainees treat and interact with patients. However, faculty members who devise curricular content in undergraduate medical education may be unfamiliar with concepts such as social determinants of health (SDH), health disparities and structural competency, unaware of how SDH intersect with their areas of expertise, or inexperienced with discussing bias in the classroom. Inspired by the success of checklists in some efforts to improve patient safety and quality, we developed a tool, in the format of a checklist, that faculty members could use when developing or reviewing any type of content for medical students in order to identify and address bias before it reached students.

Presented by:

Amy E. Caruso Brown, MD, MSc, MSCS

Dr. Caruso Brown is a pediatric hematologist/oncologist, bioethicist, and medical educator at SUNY Upstate Medical University, where she directs the Ethics and Professionalism thread in UME and designed and directs Patients to Populations, a justice-centered bioethics course for first-year medical students, the curriculum for which was recently published as a textbook. Her research interests include evaluation and assessment in social determinants of health education; pediatric disagreements; and ethical issues related to social media.


Hosted by the National Collaborative for Education to Address the Social Determinants of Health

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