Wednesday, February 24, 2021

3:00-4:00pm (CST)

Teaching Health Disparities using Case Narratives

  • Ifeolorunbode (Bode) Adebambo, MD | MetroHealth Medical Center
  • Adam Perzynski PhD | Associate Professor of Medicine and Sociology, Center of Health Care Research and Policy, MetroHealth Medical Center/CWRU

The elimination of health disparities through educating providers is one of the nation’s health promotion goals. Narratives are a method of sharing information that presents knowledge but also hopes to bring about a change in attitude that has a lasting effect.

Following a short introduction, two case narratives authored by the workshop faculty will be read by the participants. The participants will be divided into small groups for a discussion led by a facilitator. Literature on the disparities identified will be discussed, a self-reflection tool completed to assess a change in attitude as well as explore thoughts on future directions.

Racism, Linguistics, and Medical Spanish Education: Opportunities for Caring for Linguistic Minorities with Equity

  • Glenn Martinez | Professor, The Ohio State University
  • Pilar Ortega, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine
  • Marco Aleman, Professor, University of North Carolina School of Medicine
  • Tiffany Shin, Assistant Professor, Wake Forest School of Medicine
  • Alejandra Zapien Hidalgo, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona College of Medicine

Strategies to teach patient-centered communication skills with ethnic, racial, and linguistic minorities, including medical Spanish courses, are in increased demand. Communication skills with minorities should include not only language skills but also an appreciation of the rich and heterogeneous linguistic and cultural practices within communities. Raciolinguistics is an emerging area that focuses on the co-naturalization of language and race, and provides unique perspectives on the lives of minority language speakers. This workshop will introduce key concepts in raciolinguistics, discuss its role in medical Spanish, and evaluate sample curricular material to ensure appropriate inclusion of race and language concepts.

Recognizing Unconscious Bias in Our Workplace

  • Odinakachukwu Ehie, MD | Clinical Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco
  • LaMisha Hill, PhD

In this 1 hour session, attendees will be introduced to the goals and objectives of the Unconscious Bias Workshop. Learners will be presented current data on unconscious bias and perform self-reflective small group exercises. By the end of these sessions, attendees will be able to:

  1. Assess one’s own unconscious biases in relation to the workshop exercises in a small group discussion.
  2. Increase internal motivation to address unconscious bias in a safe and nonthreatening space.
  3. Identify three ways to apply concepts around unconscious bias to be more intentional in the clinical environment.

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