PRAPARE Social Determinants of Health in the EHR

Date of Review: December, 2019

This resource provided by OCHIN (Oregon Community Health Information Network) describes how to integrate the social determinants of health screening tools based on PRAPARE and IOM reports that can be integrated into EPIC (and paper-based tools) and used in clinical community-based health settings. The resource describes how the tool was developed, its design and applicability to various healthcare settings. This resource is intended for use by primary care physicians in community healthcare clinics and settings and can easily be used in many provider settings including hospitals. OCHIN is an e-consultancy firm that developed this system and this resource specifically shows ways to design workflows and outreach that both identify and address SDH needs. This would be a great resource for providers/administrators who have the ability to modify their EPIC systems or work with IT providers to implement similar systematic tools. Their are also resources included for those using paper-based screening tools.