Practical Tools to Address Social Determinants of Health

Date of Review: March 2020

This resource is a 2018 presentation/toolkit from the IHI featuring speakers detailing their work in and around Wisconsin. The presentation includes many different sections geared toward practical solutions to address SDOH and social needs, with regard to both financing/planning as well as implementing successful interventions. Presentation sections focus on issues such as how to engage stakeholders–e.g. policymakers and leaders of community-based organizations–and a description of a CMS-funded Accountable Health Communities cooperative. Though quite long, this presentation is broken up into several sections that can essentially stand alone as individual presentations. Though most of the presenters’ examples apply to Wisconsin, the information and advice they present are geared toward a national audience, specifically those individuals and organizations seeking information about how to create, implement, and modify programs to address patients’ social needs. It is a high-quality resource that can be of assistance to many U.S. stakeholders. —Dave Liss, PhD, NCEAS