Just Health Action: Empowering People to Promote Health Equity

Date of Review: December, 2019

Just Health Action is a non-profit organization based in Seattle, WA that teaches ‘critical health literacy’ to empower communities to advocate for ‘reducing health inequities that result from social, political, environmental, and economic conditions.” The website lists in its Resources, a detailed curriculum on Environmental Justice that can be adapted and implemented as a short lesson, or as series of lessons. The target audience is secondary school children, but has been well received and utilized by a number of adult groups. The premise of the curriculum is to teach ‘critical health literacy by combining an individual’s understanding of SDH with the skills necessary to take action.” This curriculum can be a great resource for medical educators who wish to extract a lesson plan to create for example, a joint session of students and community members to identify a problem, build an asset plan, and creatively think of solutions through a well thought out framework. — Monica Yepes-Rios, MD, NCEAS