Healthy People 2020 – Social Determinants of Health

Date of Review: February, 2020

Healthy People 2020 highlights the importance of addressing the social determinants of health by including “Create social and physical environments that promote good health for all” as one of the four overarching goals for the decade. Healthy People 2020 organizes the social determinants of health around five key domains: (1) Economic Stability, (2) Education, (3) Health and Health Care, (4) Neighborhood and Built Environment, and (5) Social and Community Context. Over thirty different objectives are mapped to these five key domains, and the website includes information on baseline measures, data sources and progress towards meeting targets set for these objectives if applicable. Finally, Healthy People 2020 has an extensive list of interventions and resources to address and improve SDoH organized within their five key domain framework and into national, state, and local resources. This resource would be an excellent resource for audiences looking to identify national benchmarks for SDoH topics as well as those exploring resources to address social determinants. — Erin Goss, MD, NCEAS