ACOG Social Determinants of Health Resource Page

Date of Review: January, 2020

This resource is a broad- based list of resources, both of ACOG and external agencies, including such organizations as CDC, HHS, National Center for Medico-Legal Partnerships, and Health Leads which through guidelines, articles, slides and some interactive materials, explores the issues of racism and inequity and also give examples of successful programmatic interventions, some of which have been structured on the 4 Rs of Readiness, Recognition, Response and Reporting. There are articles which provide data and resources which give recommendations for general principles as well as case examples of successful intervention. Parts of this could be used to guide curriculum in clinical areas as well as curriculum for lessons about community health and advocacy. The information on this website is very wide- ranging and could also be sued to develop CME events on this topic. —Barb Bayldon, MD, NCEAS