Date of Review: December, 2019

This resource includes a link to the HEALTH EQUITY CURRICULAR TOOLKIT and the accompanying guidebook published by the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) to facilitate health professional education in equitable health outcomes in communities. The toolkit provides modules that are tailored to three specific audiences (learners, advanced learners, and faculty/ fellows). It includes several training modules; a terrific glossary of definitions of relevant health equity terms, resources as well as a framework for addressing social determinants of health through a health equity lens in professional health education settings with worksheets to use as an applied exercise. The guidebook is included and has background information, history and important information for facilitators and learners making it easy to implement in SDH education. It is intended to be accessible to those engaged in primary care and improving health outcomes such as primary care clinicians, public health practitioners and primary care faculty. The second link below is for The Guidebook to the Health Equity Curricular Toolkit which is a detailed guide that makes it easy to implement even for faculty who do not feel expert, there are also videos to orient the audience to the curriculum. I think this curriculum, which also intends to foster reflection and dialogue, can be integrated into introductory training in this topic area. I especially like the glossary and am looking forward to using this toolkit with early health professional students in the pre-clinical and early clinical clerkships. — Ashti Doobay-Persaud, MD, NCEAS