Presented on May 29, 2019

During this webinar Dr. Schaeffer and Megan McVane discussed Northwestern Medicine’s Transitional Care and explained how the program has operationalized and grown since its creation 6 years ago. They highlighted how the Transitional Care team identifies social determinants of health, and how this information is used to create a successful care plan which addressed modifiable social determinants of health and acute/chronic medical needs, benefiting both patients and NM staff. Lastly Dr. Schaeffer and Megan provided a case review to demonstrate the success of their program.

Presented by:

Christine Schaeffer, MD

Medical Director Northwestern Medicine Transitional Care

Dr. Schaeffer is an internist who dedicated her career to improving the health of Chicago’s underserved. In 2011, she founded the Northwestern Follow-up Clinic, later renamed, NM Transitional Care. The practice model provides wrap around patient support while stabilizing each patient’s acute and chronic medical and psychosocial needs. Once stabilized, these ‘tucked in” patients are connected to partner PCPs for long term care in the community. As Medical Director she provides clinical care, vision and leadership for the practice, collaborating with partners within Northwestern Medicine and in the community. Dr. Schaeffer is a committed educator teaching Feinberg Internal Medicine residents in a PGY 2 Transitional Care rotation, as a continuity clinic preceptor and mentoring those interested in health care for the underserved.

Megan McVane, LCSW

Social Work Clinical Leader Northwestern Medicine Transitional Care

Megan joined Northwestern 6 years ago and has worked in various rolls including: direct patient care, patient engagement coaching, and currently as the Clinic Leader at NM’s Transitional Care. In Transitional Care Megan supervises a team of health advocates whom work to address social determinants of health and empower individuals to navigate their health care needs. In her time at Transitional Care Megan has worked to successfully build clinic volume by partnering with various providers across the NM system.

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