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The National Collaborative for Education to Address the Social Determinants of Health (NCEAS) is a HRSA-funded Academic Unit for Primary Care Training and Enhancement. The mission of the NCEAS is to prepare primary care clinicians with the expertise and leadership to address the social determinants of health (SDOH).  Do you have relevant SDOH resources, curricula, or evaluation tools to share? Please send them to us at

Improving Social Determinants Act of 2020

We are proud to join Trust for America’s Health & 120+ groups in supporting The Improving Social Determinants of Health Act of 2020. This important legislation could improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare spending and address health inequities.

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Identifying Pediatric Adversity in Clinical Practice

Pediatric stress and adversity have a vital link with early brain and child development. This connection can lead to adverse health outcomes in childhood and across the life course, negatively affecting physical health, socioemotional development, and educational achievement.  We will frame our discussion around evidence-based recommendations from APHA, AAP, and NAPNAP. Because pediatricians, pediatric nurses, and nurse practitioners work to prevent childhood diseases during health supervision visits and with anticipatory guidance, the early detection and management of socioeconomic barriers and stress is an important, emerging component of pediatric scope of practice. An introduction will be made of an innovative model of care that includes merging the science of early childhood development and consumer behavior to meet the need of the modern-day patient and family.

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Health Equity in the Time of Coronavirus

As Dr. Campbell wrote in last month’s NCEAS blog, the SARS2/CoV-2 pandemic is expected to exacerbate health inequities in communities across the United States for a multitude of reasons. Social determinants of health are not equally distributed. There are fewer opportunities to socially distance oneself in lower income neighborhoods. Occupational hazards, lack of childcare and fear of job loss as the unemployment rate rises are bigger concerns for the working class than the wealthy. The implicit biases of clinicians put people of color at risk for unequal testing and treatment. As the New York Times wrote, “Still, a kind of pandemic caste system is rapidly developing: the rich holed up in vacation properties; the middle class marooned at home with restless children; the working class on the front lines of the economy, stretched to the limit by the demands of work and parenting, if there is even work to be had.”1

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Resource of the Month

Practical tools to Address Social Determinants of Health

This resource is a 2018 presentation/toolkit from the IHI featuring speakers detailing their work in and around Wisconsin. The presentation includes many different sections geared toward practical solutions to address SDOH and social needs, with regard to both financing/planning as well as implementing successful interventions. Presentation sections focus on issues such as how to engage stakeholders–e.g. policymakers and leaders of community-based organizations–and a description of a CMS-funded Accountable Health Communities cooperative. Though quite long, this presentation is broken up into several sections that can essentially stand alone as individual presentations.

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