Academic Consortium on Criminal Justice Health: Overview of Criminal Justice Health

Date of Review: April, 2019

This 30-minute video lecture introduces the criminal justice system, scope of criminal justice involvement and its impact on health and society in the U.S. and is part of a larger online curriculum exploring downstream impacts on the social determinants of health of these justice-involved individuals; their families and communities. Although targeting medical students, health professions learners at all levels unfamiliar with criminal justice health may find it to be useful overview of key issues. Racial, ethnic, and other disparities are acknowledged but not explored in-depth. The final part of the lecture describes policy issues, the ACCJH, and ways academic institutions can engage to promote research and interest about the role of the US in mass incarceration, specifically examining the impact on the social determinants of health that further worsens existing disparities and encourages student engagement in this work to impact criminal justice. This lecture is a video PowerPoint presentation with the lecture in a “talking-head” format but the slides are animated and the material is presented in an engaging manger; it does not include any learner assessment. It is the first of a seven-part series describing specific screening, management, treatment and advocacy approaches. The ACCJH built this curriculum with partners from the University of Massachusetts, Harvard and Cornell with the goals of education and inspiring advocacy. — Ashti Doobay-Persaud, MD, NCEAS & Amy Caruso Brown, MD, NCEAS

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University of Massachusetts Medical School

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Family and Community Medicine, Pediatrics

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