Workshop proposals are now being accepted for the 2021 NCEAS Conference. Workshop proposals should cover topics relevant to SDOH or health disparities and should align with specific conference objectives. Example topics of interest include (but are not limited to) training curricula, screening and assessment tools and case studies.

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Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline

Acceptance and Official Invitation Letter

NCEAS Conference

Rules and Regulations

You do not have to register for the conference to submit a workshop proposal. However, if your proposal is accepted for presentation, the facilitators(s) must register for the conference by the regular deadline and are responsible for registration fees.

With this being a virtual event, several of the workshops will be pre-recorded and the presenter will run a Q&A session during the conference. When submitting your proposal, you can select the option to pre-record your workshop. The conference committee will ultimately make the final decision on which workshops will be pre-recorded.

If you are using materials in your presentation (pictures, charts, graphs, videos, etc.) that are not original work, remember to cite the original source. If you are using copyrighted material, it is your responsibility to seek permission from the original source to use the material. NCEAS is not responsible for any copyrighted material presented.

If accepted, all credentials, full titles or name preferences must be included in your proposal to guarantee this information will be reflected in NCEAS materials or on the event website.

All presenters of accepted sessions must grant NCEAS the right to record video and still images of the presenters and share these, as well as PDFs of their presentations, on the organization’s website and social media platforms.

It is NCEAS’ desire to ensure that physical and communication barriers do not exclude people with disabilities from attending and participating. Workshops must be accessible to all, including closed captioning of videos.

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