Call for Workshop Proposals

Workshop proposals are now being accepted for the 2020 Annual Conference. Workshop proposals should cover topics relevant to SDOH or health disparities and should align with specific conference objectives. Example topics of interest include (but are not limited to) training curricula, screening and assessment tools and case studies. Workshops that include interactive audience participation are encouraged.

Please note – options to submit an abstract for oral presentations and poster sessions will be available soon.

Workshop submissions are now closed.

Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline

Acceptance and Official Invitation Letter

NCEAS Conference

Workshop Details and Requirements

Workshop Proposal Submission Requirements/Instruction

Create your proposal in Microsoft Word and include the following headings:

  • Facilitator(s) Name
  • Facilitator(s) Email
  • Name of Organization
  • Facilitator(s) Bio
  • Workshop Title
  • Workshop Description
  • Workshop Outline
  • Leaning Objectives
  • Intended Learners (i.e. CME, GME, UME)

Rules and Regulations:

  • You do not have to register for the conference to submit a workshop proposal. However, if your proposal is accepted for presentation, the facilitators(s) must register for the conference by the regular deadline. Registration will be opening soon.
  • It is NCEAS’ desire to ensure that physical and communication barriers do not exclude people with disabilities from attending and participating. Workshops must be accessible to all, including closed captioning of videos.
  • If you are using materials in your presentation (pictures, charts, graphs, videos, etc.) that are not original work, remember to cite the original source. If you are using copyrighted material, it is your responsibility to seek permission from the original source to use the material. NCEAS is not responsible for any copyrighted material presented.

Presentation Tips:

  • Give an opening statement to acquaint the audience with the nature and purpose of the workshop.
  • Discuss the same material as reported in the proposal.
  • Rehearse your presentation beforehand, timing it.
  • Stay within your allotted time to ensure that all facilitators have equal time and allow the audience the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Know what to omit if you start to go over your allotted time. Session moderators will hold you to the allotted time.
  • Please pay special attention to members of the audience with disabilities. Be aware that registrants with disabilities are to be given priority seating.

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